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 Lawrence Heights Summer Program

During the summer season we run an all day children and youth program in the Lawrence Heights Community  The program runs from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Our summer program includes a morning program where we play various games and activities, teach encouraging bible lessons and have snack together.
In the afternoons we do small group outings and day trips around the city.
If you’re interested in attending our summer program please contact Renaldo Wall at 416-923-8872 ext. 521 or  

If you need to download an application form to register your child please click below:


 If you are interested in applying for a position with us in the Lawrence Heights/O’Connor Summer Program please complete the online application

In order to complete your application you will have to have three different reference forms completed, you can download them below:

Download the Pastoral reference form.
Download the employment/teacher reference form.
Download the personal reference form.


Lawrence Heights After School Program

Currently we provide after school programs for children from grades 2 to grade 12. The children that attend our programs are from the Lawrence Heights Community. Every week we rent space in a school gym and provide a structured program for children. Bible Lessons, snacks, and organized games are a few of the elements of our program. The children learn life skills and are taught the love of Christ through both our staff actions and words. We also provide regular Connections with the children. Every week our staff take a few of the children that attend our program out for dinner or bowling or even to a Raptors game. These times are valuable in allowing our staff to better understand and relate to the children. It gives us an opportunity to talk to children on an individual basis and it gives them the opportunity to have new experiences. We also provide retreats at our camp in Caledon. Retreats are very valuable in giving children an opportunity for new experiences. Kids always look forward to a chance to go to camp for a weekend.

 Flemington Public School

Grades 2-3 (Co-Ed) 3:15-4:30

Girls Program
Grades 4-5 4:30-5:45

Boys Program
Grades 4-5 3:15-4:30
Grades 6-7 (Co-Ed) 4:30-5:45

Lawrence Heights Middle School

Boys and Girls Youth Program

Grades 8-12 6:00-8:00pm