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A Typical Day

7:30 Wake Up! – I know it’s early, but you can’t miss anytime when at camp, so get up and ready for the day!

8:30 Breakfast – Time to prepare for the day with some delicious food in the barn – could be cereal, toast, eggs, muffins, cinnamon buns, or many other delicious choices…

9:00 Worship – This is the time where we focus on God through worshipping Him in song. The band consists of a drummer, a lead guitarist, a bass guitarist, a lead singer, and several backup vocalists. What a great way to start the day!

9:15 Bible Lesson – the youngest campers (Knox, Croft, Anderson, Carmichael, Sheiling, Geddes) meet in the basement of the lodge and the oldest campers (Eyrie, Rutherford, Livingston, Slessor, Nissan, Milligan) meet in the chapel for a time of learning about God through interactive studies. This time is full with object illustrations, creative stories, group activities, skits, crafts, and fun games.

10:30 Activity 1 – the youngest campers are given three activities to choose from to attend for this period, as are the oldest campers. Some examples of activities include: biking, swimming, crafts, sports, wall climbing and archery among many others!

11:15 Free Time in the Park – time to relax a bit more, play some volleyball, basketball, tetherball, or hang out in the park on the playscape, swings, teeter-totters, or monkey bars.

11:45 Activity 2 – the last chance in the morning to experience a fun acitivty. Activity awards are given out at the end of the week to the top oldest and yougest camper who show a good attitude, sportsmanship, good attendance, and exemplory skill in each activity.

12:30 Lunch – after a grace song sung by everyone on camp property, we enjoy a delicous meal cooked by our dedicated kitchen staff.

1:45 Rest Hour / Cabin Clean – Up – this is a time for campers to relax in their cabins and get to know their counsellors and cabin mates better. Boys hill is often teeming with games, from tag to roof ball, to much more. Cabin clean-up offers the campers an opportunity to win prizes at the end of the week for successfully cleaning their cabin each day.

2:45 Free Swim – under the supervison of our head lifeguard and three other qualified lifeguards, all campers get the opportunity to swim in our heated pool. The pool includes a diving board, pool toys, and a water basketball net.

4:45 AGT / Cabin Initiative – twice in the week, the campers will get to experience an AGT. This stands for Anything Goes Time. It is an opportunity for the campers to go to the one activity out of eight options, created the counsellors and program staff at SMC. Activity range from marshmellow roasts, to ping pong competitions, to bracelet making, to car washes, and much more. The other two days of the week are the Cabin Initiative where cabins do an activity as a group, with the intention of developing a deep cabin bond.

5:30 Dinner – once again after a grace song, and cabin clean-up announcements, campers enjoy a delicious and warm meal.

6:15 Free Time in the Park – another opportunity to make sand castles, hang out in the gazebo, or chill with friends and counsellors.

7:00 Evening Game – each day at SMC there is a theme. At lunch and dinner, skits introduce the theme of the day. Then, at this time period, a game is played that deals with the theme. It is often played in one of our two forests or in the main area. Theme days from past camp seasons were Narnia Day, Pirates, Jungle Journey Day (David Livingston’s Missionary Experience, Paul and Silas’ Prison Break Day, and Joseph and his Brothers Day. The theme days often have to do with the Bible Lesson for that day as well.

8:00 Campfire – cabins meet at campfire hill for songs, skits, and devotions, led not only by camp staff, but by the campers as well.

9:00 Cabin Devotions – this is a time for the two counsellors in each cabin to share a Scriptural passage, deep insight, or prayer with the kids in their cabins. Many times it closes with a question and answer period.

10:00 Lights Out! – must have an early bedtime to be ready for the next exciting day here at SMC!

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