Code of Conduct – Campers

We want to ensure that Scott Mission Camp is safe and enjoyable for both our campers and staff. These are the guidelines we have set for campers during their session at camp:

1. Campers must be willing listen to and follow the instructions of camp staff at all times.

2. Campers must be respectful of other children at all times.

3. Campers may not wear clothing with inappropriate or offensive language and/or pictures. Camp Staff reserve the right to ask campers to change clothing that is either overly revealing or offensive.

4. In regards to swimwear, all girls must wear one piece bathing suits or a coloured t-shirt over a two piece bathing suit. Boys must wear modest, loose fitting shorts; no speedos.

5. Boys must wear shirts at all times except while in the pool area.

6. Campers are not permitted to leave camp property without a staff member at any time.

7. Campers must not enter cabins that are not their own without an invitation.

8. Campers are expected to follow all safety rules and emergency routines.

9. Campers should not use other campers’ or counselors’ belongings without permission.

10. Campers should not bring articles seen as unnecessary by the Camp Director (matches, lighters, cell phones, video games, money etc.). These and other like items will be collected and returned to the parents at the end of the session. * Please see note below.

11. Campers must be willing to participate in all areas of camp program and cooperate with camp staff and other campers. This will ensure a positive and enjoyable camping experience for all.

12. Campers must be under the direct supervision of Camp Staff at all times.

13. Campers are prohibited from sneaking out of their cabins at night. Campers found doing so will be dismissed from Camp immediately.

14. All drugs and alcohol are prohibited at Scott Mission Camp. Campers found with such items will be dismissed from camp immediately.

* The following items are strictly forbidden at camp: illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons of all kinds, etc. If a camper is found in possession of these or any like items, they will be immediately dismissed from camp and authorities may be notified.
*Campers must be under the direct supervision of camp staff at all times. Sneaking out of cabins at night will result in immediate dismissal from camp.