Staff Security Clearance Procedures
Before working at Scott Mission Camp, all staff must complete a strict security clearance process to ensure the safety of our campers and other staff.

All staff must complete each of the following:

Step 1 – Complete Employment Application
This form must be completely filled out and signed. Incomplete and unsigned applications will be returned for completion. You will not be considered for employment until the application is submitted.

Step 2 – Submit References
New and returning staff must arrange to have a minimum of 2 completed and signed reference forms sent to the Scott Mission. The reference forms must be mailed by the person that completed them. You will not be considered for employment until the two references are submitted.

Step 3 – Interview
All new staff will have an interview with two Scott Mission staff. Candidates will have to answer questions related to work experience, education, ministry involvement, and personal testimony. Returning staff may be required to complete an interview as well.

Step 4 – Complete Police Records Check
All staff must complete a Police Record Background Check before working with children at SMC.  Details about how to complete a Police Check will mailed with your Offer of Employment.

Step 5 – Read Staff Handbook
Upon offer of employment, all staff will receive a copy of the Summer Staff Policies and Procedures Handbook. All staff are required to read the handbook prior to their arrival at camp for Staff Training Week.

Step 6 – Attend Staff Training Week
All new and returning staff are required to attend our Staff Training Week. At the end of the staff training week, staff will have to demonstrate, in written form, that they have the knowledge and expertise required to fulfil their responsibilities.

Step 7 – Sign Summer Staff Agreement

At the end of staff training week, all staff are required to read and sign a declaration, stating they have received the training necessary to fulfil their duties. By signing the staff agreement, staff will also declare they understand the expectations set for them in the area of personal conduct and health and safety.

Step 8 – Receive In-Service Training
All staff receive training thoughout the summer at regular Town Hall meetings. Staff who fail to complete each of these steps will be ineligible for employment at the Scott Mission Camp.

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